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Everything is ready for ENERGYEAR CARIBBEAN 2021
on September 29th and 30th at the city of Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

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Energyear CARIBBEAN: The Challenges and Opportunities of the Dominican
Renewable Market under debate
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It is characterized by being one of the most vigorous economies in the Caribbean; for the current year, ECLAC considers it one of the five countries in the region with the best GDP growth projections in 2021, with 7%.Likewise, it is recognized as the first country of destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), projected to reach some USD3,000 million in this year 2021.

Currently, renewable energies represent 23% of the energy matrix with 1,000 megawatts of installed capacity.

According to the IRENA ReMap 2030 study with the CNE: "The Dominican Republic has set ambitious goals to reduce its per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Another objective is to reduce dependence on imports of fossil fuels, as well as their impacts on the environment, including those associated with climate change. The goal is to reduce GHG emissions by 25% by 2030 compared to 2010. Achieving this goal will require a change in the country's energy matrix".

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Energyear attendees stand out for their high level and decision-making profile, which facilitates the closing of businesses when attending these events. During the two days, the challenges and opportunities of the renewable sector in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean region will be detailed, with the participation in the agenda of the main government representatives and the executives of the most relevant companies in the region.

Energyear events are adapted to the "New Normal" with a completely contrasted protocol to guarantee the safety of the participants in the activity, working on access to the event, temperature controls, antigen tests available to participants, limited capacity and oversized spaces, all of this to enjoy two days of quality Networking with all the security for the participants

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The Energyear events adapt to the "new normal" All of them are configured in face-to-face + online format so that participants can access according to their possibilities.

The Energyear platform is added to the face-to-face event, which broadcasts the event in Streaming and allows online participants to view conferences

In addition, the platform has a B2B tool that allows participants to interact and to arrange meetings, so that Networking is guaranteed.

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Your business, just one click away.

- MEET: Schedule meetings with attendees.
- FIND: Find potential customers.
- CREATE: Build partnerships for companies.
- FILTER: Filter the profiles based on your preferences.
- ORGANIZE: Organize your meetings according to the importance they have for you.

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September 29th and 30th

Two days of powerful conferences, workshops
and meetings with executives and specialists
from the renewable energy sector.

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You can experience the event both in-person
and virtually with streaming broadcast for
virtual attendees.

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Get the latest updates, trends, projections, and
insights from market leaders and
regulatory establishment.

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The city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic will host ENERGYEAR CARIBBEAN 2021